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About BuzzPhysique

BuzzPhysique is a unique Fitness/Fashion clothing brand, which inspires to be more than just a brand, we want to be a lifestyle, a community, looking to capture and unite people of similar interests to fitness, fashion, style and well being.


Co-founders Busiku Simakoloyi & Johnny Jenkins, who had a vision created BuzzPhysique in 2019. It has been built to produce & provide high quality fitness and fashion apparel with its unique blends and designs for incredible fitting and feel, for a reasonable price. It has been created to encourage people to go and achieve what they want.


We aim to create incredible hand made products to fit all types of physiques, to help them feel better, to give them that little more self belief, self confidence. If we can design and create a set of leggings that make you feel that little more secure, that little more confident, that little boost, that little extra encouragement is what BuzzPhysique is all about.