Welcome to the BuzzPhysique Ambassador Programme. You have decided to represent one of the most unique fast growing fitness fashion brands in the world. BuzzPhysique is a brand that aims to redefine fitness fashion with its incredible variety and unique apparel. It demonstrates a combination of innovation and style, through its ever-expanding social media presence and unique designs.

We strive to help others reach their own full potential and build their own development to succeed.



- Not only do we want the best of the best; we want the people who are willing to do what it takes to help us grow! You need to share our vision, be driven, be committed, but most importantly you need to believe in yourself and what the brand represents.



EXPOSURE AND SUPPORT – Being a BuzzPhysique Athlete will give you exposure to the fitness and fashion industries. We will re-post the best content from our top athletes on our page, helping grow your profile faster. Exposure is offered through our website, social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email Campaigns and Facebook Adverts), and also our various marketing campaigns which run continuously year-round.

We have a BuzzPhysique Athletes Instagram page @BuzzPhysiqueAthletes dedicated just to our athletes. This page showcases the best BuzzPhysique Athletes posts each week. The better your posts, the higher chance you will be featured. All you have to do is #buzzphysique and #buzzphysiqueathlete on your posts.

REWARD – As a BuzzPhysique Athlete you will also be rewarded generously. There are three main levels that we offer. What one you start on will be determined by your following, engagement on BuzzPhysique posts, and quality/frequency of your own posts. Typically, the levels are as follows:

LEVEL 1: You personally get 20% discount on the entire BuzzPhysique range with a 10% discount code for your friends and followers.

LEVEL 2: A £15 monthly clothing allowance, in addition to 20% discount on additional clothing over your allowance along with a 10% off discount code for your friends and followers.

LEVEL 3: A £25 monthly clothing allowance, in addition to 20% discount on additional clothing over your allowance along with a 10% off discount code for your friends and followers.

We actively encourage progression through the levels, as we want all our athletes to become Level 3 BuzzPhysique Athletes! If you invest in the brand and help it grow, we will invest in you and help you grow. It really is that simple.

We want you to grow with us, and have the potential to gain more following, fantastic exposure opportunities and unique fitness/fashion apparel whilst doing so. The only person holding you back is you!



·           ENGAGEMENT – All athletes should post across their social media accounts once a week (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). These posts should remain permanently on your profile and do not include stories. Interaction and engagement is key to growing and becoming more successful. We expect you to interact with the brand as much as possible by commenting and liking on all our posts, along with sharing stories. 

·           QUALITY – We expect posts and content to always be posted to the best of your ability. Always attempt to portray the brand this way, with good quality captions. 

·           REPRESENTATION – We want you to own the brand, to love the brand as much as we do, and we want you to portray that to your following. We believe in the quality of our apparel therefore do not force you to promote discount codes. We are a premium clothing brand and forever evolving and improving. Just be sure to always TAG your photos and mention us in your caption.

If you are interested in joining our team, and becoming part of a fast growing worldwide fitness/fashion clothing brand, email us now!